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Even though it is hot and muggy here in America’s Heartland, we are busy wrapping, packing, and loading our precious cargo for the next Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. This trip I would like to ‘Welcome’ Cassandra West as a special addition to our Traveling Tribe.

Cass is not only one of my daughters, but a fabulous photographer, very successful in her own right.  She is the owner of Cassandra West Photography in Sandwich, Illinois. 

Cass will be traveling with us to catch a behind the scenes view of our life on the road with Selenite crystal, a mini documentary if you will.

We have some extra special surprises planned. If you are in the Tampa area, please be sure to stop by. Check our show calendar for details and stay tuned for what happens next.

Living the Crystal Life is not always easy but it is always an Adventure!

Be Happy, Be Well, Be Blessed my friends,



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Featured photo: Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

Cassandra West via facebook

To contact Cassandra West please visit
Cassandra West Photography

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