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One thing that continues to amaze me is the variety of ways people use Selenite in daily life. Uses run the gambit from in the bath to paint on the walls. My daughter, Jen, has a slab on her kitchen counter where she keeps her fresh fruit and veggies. She swears that they last longer. Curious as I am, I decided to put it to the test.

I purchased my test subjects at the local grocery at the same time. I looked for relatively similar, yet distinguishable, specimens which appeared to be the same age, condition, etc.

This will be an informal experiment or more of an exercise in observation. In order to conduct a decent ‘experiment’ I would have to have some degree of control over several factors. I chose two similar specimens for comparison, two each of both red and green peppers, and two bananas. I decided the best out of the way place would be a side table just off of my kitchen. Hopefully the produce will remain undisturbed and my family will not eat it. Just in the case, I have posted ‘WARNING’ signs. They look much more authoritative in person. The specimens will be kept at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. One control group will be set on our Selenite coasters. The other group will be set on the side table. The only difference will be the Selenite coasters.

From what I could find online, green peppers, if properly stored, will keep well for one to two weeks in the fridge. I have removed the fridge factor for our purposes. Green peppers usually last longer than orange or red peppers so for kicks I decided to use red peppers too. The more the merrier as they say, right?

Bananas should ripen in two to five days so I anticipate the banana portion of the experiment to conclude much more quickly than the peppers. Instant gratification! Well, kind of. Bananas have a tendency to quicken the ripening of produce within a close proximity. The bananas will have to be isolated to some degree.

Please excuse our unfinished walls. For some reason my husband thought the ‘picture frame’ effect looked so much better. Here is the set up. Not much has changed in the condition of the produce as of yet.

This will be an ongoing post for the duration of the experiment, or until we eat the test subjects. What?!? You didn’t think I was going to waste them did you? I will try to remember to shoot pics daily and update progress at least weekly as we go.

In the mean time, I would Love to hear from YOU! Please share with us, how You use Selenite in your day to day life, to this post on our Facebook page at GodleyGarden . Remember to Live FRESH!

Be Happy, Be Well, Be Blessed


continued ‘Keeping It FRESH! Part 2

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