Keeping It FRESH! Part 2

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day 2 – 4

Bananas are a gassy bunch. I don’t think they will make it beyond the first week. They seem to sprout spots before your eyes. Searching online there is a variety of ways to slow this process. Apparently the gas emanates from the stem; you can tape the stem up to slow down the release. I prefer to eat or freeze them. Both green peppers developed a bad spot. I guess I should have been more careful in the transport but, the skins are still tight and firm. The red peppers are fairing far better than I had expected. One was a bit beat up in transport so I put him on the Selenite. I figured he needed all the help he could get. The skins are getting a bit wrinkled in places.

day 5 – 7

The bananas proved me wrong. They really outlasted the peppers, but then again they are much thicker skinned. The peppers taught me I need to take better care handling my produce.

Both the red and green peppers that were on the Selenite, although wrinkly, felt noticeably firmer than their counterparts on the table itself. The red pepper on the table was wrinkled from top to bottom where as the other was not.

In the end it seemed that the produce on the Selenite did, indeed, fair better than the produce set on the table. I just might conduct this experiment again with tomatoes and peppers from my garden this summer. The difference may be more apparent when the produce is fresh from the garden rather than picked, packed and shipped to the grocer who knows how many days before it arrives in my kitchen.

side note

What happened to the other bunch of peppers…There was not enough room on my Selenite slab so they were left on the counter to be used as needed in meals.  By day four, the peppers not consumed became wrinkly quite a bit sooner than the lucky test subjects. I washed, sliced and diced them, then popped them in the freezer for future sauce, soup, stew, and stir-fry. It’s the dead of winter here now, but when I have an over abundance of fresh from the garden, I will freeze some cleaned for stuffing. Just like us, although the skin is getting wrinkly, there is still some life to live and plenty of goodness to give. Why waste them? We have enough food waste in this country.

I will continue to use Selenite in my kitchen. Tonight, I shall clean, chop and add the test subjects to the marinara for my spaghetti and pork chop dinner. Mmm, my mouth is watering already.

Mangia bene! Mangia fresco!

Eat Well! Eat Fresh!

Be Happy, Be Well, Be Blessed


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